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Aquavent Breathable Pool Blanket

AquaventTM Breathable Pool Blanket
Royal Aquavent| Pacific Aquavent | Turquoise Aquavent
575 – 600 Micron
12 Year Pro Rata Warranty

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The AquaventTM Pool Blanket reduces evaporation by up to 97%, prevents debris from entering the pool and retains heat from the sun. What makes AquaventTM unique is that it allows your pool to ‘breathe’ and release excess chlorine and sanitation chemicals. Short term, this creates healthier, more comfortable swimming conditions and long term, prolongs the life of your pool.
Traditionally, pool covers have been marketed as saving on pool chemicals by preventing them from escaping your pool. The reality is that pool blankets that ‘lock’ chemicals inevitably cause many pools to be over-chlorinated. Every year over chlorination causes expensive, irreversible damage to fibreglass, concrete and liner pools and expensive pool equipment all around the world.


Royal Aquavent, Pacific Aquavent, Turquoise Aquavent

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