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Sensaheat PI Series Heat Pump

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The PI Series is the flagship model of the Sensaheat range, offering the latest and most efficient inverter technology and an industry-leading ultra-quiet design.

The Pi Series offers the patented InverPad technology, making the PI the most silencing and energy-saving pool heating solution.

  • Unique airflow design. Air enters on the sides of the heater and discharges from the back; this unique design is ideal when you don’t want the fan pushing hot or cold air across your pool or living area
  • Ultra-quiet operation, the idea for installation near living areas
  • Wi-Fi as standard
  • Highly efficient inverter technology
  • Reverse cycle (heat and cool mode ) with auto defrost
  • Easy to use digital controller
  • R32 Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
Heating Capacity

9kw, 13kw, 17.5kw, 20.8kw, 27.8kw, 35kw

Best Prices On Sensaheat in Australia

Call Shane for Size Kw required. Great Deals on The Sensa Heat Pi or TD for tight spaces